Confessions of a Basic Girl


Basically, just me doing basic things

While tailgating with my girlfriends this past weekend, we were discussing the concept of being “basic”.  I’ve seen a lot of things floating around the internet making fun of “basic” girls and the “basic” things they do.

I’m pretty sure I am one of those girls.  Is being basic such a bad thing?

I do pretty basic things.  First of all, I have a Chihuahua and she is my child.  She has an assortment of different shirts, sweaters, and costumes. She sleeps in the bed with me and has her own blanket. She has embarrassing nicknames. I probably have a million photos of her in my phone. My boyfriend and I speak to her in baby talk. Her crate remains buckled into the back seat of my car like a car seat and she often goes to visit her grandparents. I become chopped liver when she doesn’t come with me.


On Wednesdays, we wear pink/mom’s nightgown

I enjoy fall and look forward to the first day Pumpkin Spice Lattes are available.  Last year I called a Starbucks at 7am on a hot September day to see if they were selling them yet.  I dream about leaves falling and being able to wear boots and scarves on a day that actually falls within the Autumn season (no thanks to Texas).  I want to jump in these leaves with my boots and my Chihuahua all while downing a Pumpkin Spice Latte.

I made an October calendar filled with Halloween/spooky things for my boyfriend and I to do every day this month.  It is filled with horrible Sharpie artwork and one may assume that I asked a toddler to illustrate it.  It is almost the end of the month and we have done approximately 3 of these things.  But I still have it.  And it is cute.  And yes, it’s from a Fall Bucket List I pinned on Pinterest.

I like Pinterest.  I pin oodles of DIY projects I would never actually do because they require a lot of time and sometime tools.  I’m not so good with things that require me to have any creativity or a handy bone anywhere in my body.  I pin Crock Pot recipes, cute fall outfits, and different ways to layer my bed.

I make my boyfriend watch The Real Housewives with me (bless his heart, he is the best).  I binge watched Orange is the New Black the weekend it came out and yes, I use the OITNB acronym.  Girls is probably my favorite show and I re-watch every season before the new one comes out each year.  I read tabloids while getting my hair done.  I skim Southern Living while waiting in doctor’s offices. The only book I’ve started and finished recently is “I Didn’t Come Here to Make Friends” by the girl who won Ben’s season of the Bachelor. It’s a tell-all and it’s compelling.

I still have Ugg boots and sometimes wear them with leggings and oversized sweaters.  I wear scarves with short sleeve shirts because it is still too dang hot out. I Snapchat ugly faces to my girlfriends. I love college football and do themed Gameday makeup.  I wish my entire life was a Pottery Barn catalogue.  OK?

My point is that everyone has some basic tendencies.  I maintain that being basic is not a bad thing at all.  If you are a basic girl then own it! Besides, Starbucks would be nothing without us.  Thanks for stopping by!  See y’all next time…


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