The Evolution of Halloween from Childhood to Adulthood

Halloween is quite literally my favorite holiday of the year.  Are you surprised?  Probably not.  What’s not to like?  First of all, candy.  It is a fun holiday that you celebrate with your friends without having to buy presents.  You get to pretend to be something you are not.  You spend hours scraping the gunk out of a gourd and then carve things into it.  And let’s face it… Halloween movies are the best movies.

Your Halloween celebration preferences change drastically over the course of the first 30 years of your life.  When you are a kid, it’s all about the candy.  You go around to people’s houses and expect them to hand you tasty treats.  I was fortunate enough to grow up on a street with a TON of kids, so we never had to go far at all to have a fun trick-or-treating experience.  You also couldn’t care less what costume your parents slapped on your since you had a McDonald’s candy bucket and knew how to say “trick-or-treat”.

Collected many a Tootsie Roll in these bad boys

By the time you are a teenager, you start to care a little more about the costume and secretly still care the same amount about the trick-or-treating.  My favorite costume I ever went trick-or-treating in had to be the Anna Nicole Smith costume I wore my sophomore year of high school.  I would give anything to have a photo of this lying around somewhere.  It involved a wig, halter top, balloons, and an annoying voice.  This was during the height of the Anna Nicole Show. I maintain that this was one of the best shows to ever grace my television screen. I went trick-or-treating my senior year of high school.  I got a lot of flack from the people who had been handing me candy for the previous 10 years.

In college, you begin wearing inappropriate versions of what would ordinarily be considered traditional costumes.  Leg Avenue adds a certain level of “my parents can’t see this” to normal Halloween costumes.  Throughout my time in college, I went as the Queen of Hearts, a Lion, a Pirate, and a Bumble Bee.  I think I went as Snooki at some point too.  I plan on wearing none of these costumes at any point in my life moving forward.

After the age of about 25, having a costume you feel pretty in starts to matter less to you.  The excitement of eating/receiving candy remains constant throughout your life, but you really are too old to go trick-or-treating now.  Unless your friends have kids, in which case you can probably just tag along.  Last year, my boyfriend and I went as Zack & Kelly.  The sad thing is that we realized we are now getting too old for the bars and a lot of the patrons did not know who we were/what Saved By the Bell was.  However, I did have a ton of fun with the costume and I happen to think my boyfriend looks adorable in this silly wig.


Zack + Kelly = 4ever


Sadly, I already owned that giant cell phone

Tonight we met up with our friends at the Halloween Yappy Hour at Whole Foods. Olive shined in her bumble bee costume, figuratively and literally. We walked there from my apartment, so her costume was also a great reflector in the dark.


I think we have a winner for her new winter coat 🙂


Sittin’ around being witchy and casting spells

After we all tired of the brews, boos, and barks, my boyfriend and I ventured to the costume store to purchase our costumes for the weekend. It is evident that today is the Black Friday of Halloween. It was like the Hunger Games in Party City, y’all. I am still not certain how we will make these costumes work this weekend, so I will be sure to report how it turns out in a future post.

Everyone have a fun and safe Halloween! Thanks for stopping by! See y’all next time…


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