February Birchbox Review

Happy Thursday, everyone!  I don’t know about y’all, but we certainly have had a rollercoaster of weather here!  Freezing, 70, cold, rainy, sunny… I am not entirely sure what season it is currently.  In any event, Spring is almost here as evidenced by the colorful floral arrangement I picked up for my coworker’s birthday this morning!  I also learned something new in the Floral department of my local HEB.  After Valentine’s Day, beautiful bouquets of roses are $7.99.  $7.99 Y’ALL.  I didn’t get any because they were starting to look at little sad so I may have missed the post-Valentine’s Day boat.  Had I made it in a couple of days ago, I could have treated myself with cheap beautiful roses. Treat yo-self! #RIPParksandRec

Even though there are only two days left this month, I still posted my February Birchbox review in time!  There was a little mixup with my Birchbox this month.  Evidently, I did not change my address with Birchbox in time and my box was sent to my old address.  The tracking was not updated for about a week, so I contacted Birchbox to have them send a replacement.  LO AND BEHOLD my Birchbox arrives.  The replacement is still on its way, so I will be enjoying double the samples this month!  The box contents that the website is showing me are different from what I received, so I may be expecting a few different samples.  Since February is a short month (and I’m running out of time!), I will just review the ones I received in my original box.

derma e Anti-Wrinkle Vitamin A Glycolic Scrub

$12.75 in the Birchbox Shop

I love a good face exfoliator.  They leave your face literally feeling like you have just grown a new layer of baby butt where your dry, dull face skin used to be.  I used to have a spray tan membership, so having a good exfoliator definitely came in handy.  I ended up canceling my membership because the obligation to constantly moisturize, exfoliate, and shave on a regimented schedule became too much for me.  That, and the fact that I could never figure out how on earth to deal with my palms.

Someone please tell me the magical trick to barrier cream!

Anyway, a very important lesson I learned in my spray tan days was that you need a face exfoliator that has larger exfoliating beads, sand, etc.  All of my friends know, and are slightly disgusted once I tell them, how infrequently I wash my hair.  This can be explained on another day in another post, but I wash my hair 2-3 times a week max.  THERE IS NOTHING WORSE than exfoliating your face and then finding teeny tiny microscopic pieces of sand or whatever slowly invading your scalp line.  Especially when you were not planning on washing your hair.  Now your hairline looks perma-sweaty, and it’s not a good look.  Especially with a fresh spray tan.  And palms that looked like mine.  My point is that I like this face exfoliator because the beads wash off my face easily without taking over the scalp line on the hair I am attempting to keep unwashed.  I also liked the fact that it did not completely dry out my skin.  And most importantly, it did not leave that freshly exfoliated sheen you often see from other face exfoliators.  You want your skin to look like fresh baby butt skin, not like a new layer of fresh skin that has been uncovered by scrubbing the top layer off.

4/5 would buy (only because this sample will last me forever)

theBalm Cosmetics Read my Lips Lip Gloss

$15 in the Birchbox Shop

To me, generally, a lip gloss is a lip gloss is a lip gloss.  They’re not always my favorite unless they have some sort of plumping agent (which can be super fun unless it starts to burn).  This lip gloss was lip gloss-y without being too sticky.  But it is lip gloss, so it is kind of sticky and will absolutely make your hair stick to your lips on a windy day.  The color was pretty and pinky.  Do I think it is the holy grail of lip glosses?  Probably not.  I do love this brand, however.  theBalm is the bomb. Get it?

Fekkai Blowout Hair Refresher Dry Shampoo

$10 in the Birchbox Shop

Yay!  I LOVE dry shampoos!  You are probably not surprised by this as I just told you about how I seldom wash my hair.  Dry shampoo can be a life saver for lazy mornings, lazy weekends, and can be a godsend after the gym.  This sample is perfect because it will easily fit into a gym bag.  I did feel like this dry shampoo left my scalp feeling a little residue-y.  My ideal dry shampoo makes my hair feel light and clean as opposed to making it feel like I replaced the dirty feeling on my hair with product.  My go-to favorite dry shampoo is still Khlorane’s Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk.

2/5 would buy

Not Soap, Radio Body Wash

$16 in the Birchbox Shop

I had received some Not Soap, Radio body wash in my November Birchbox.  I love all the names of these body washes.  And yes, what you’re seeing on the bottle here is actually the name of this specific scent.  I didn’t mind getting another body wash from the same brand because it keeps me from having to go out and purchase some body wash myself.  Plus, it was Valentine’s Day appropriate and kind of smells like raspberries.

4/5 would buy

Sumita Color Contrast Eyeliner

$11 in the Birchbox Shop

This sample was a disappointment because I have already received this sample.  Only this time, it came in retractable form instead of pencil form.  Like the first time, they sent me the navy blue color.  Under most circumstances, there is a time and place for blue eyeliner and that time and place is the 80’s.  I’m sure I can rock it with the right makeup and the right outfit, but that time has not come yet.  Perhaps I should just plan a night to go to Barbarella, which hosts my favorite 80’s dance party in Austin.  Maybe then my blue eyeliner can make a debut.

I am anxious to see what other treasures await me in the replacement box!  I will be reviewing those in next month’s post.

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!  This weekend I have to finally turn in my keys to my apartment and say farewell for good.  Then I am helping my best friend move into her big girl apartment!  Because she started her big girl doctor job this week!  Because she’s a doctor, you know.  This Sunday is the annual Austin Kite Festival!  I have never gone before, so maybe I can talk my boyfriend into breaking out the dollar store Star Wars kite that I’ve been hanging onto for forever 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!  See y’all next time…


2 thoughts on “February Birchbox Review

  1. Hope you made it to the Austin Kite Festival as it it looked like great fun in the midst of a string of dreary weather!


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