Oh, Dandelion

Earlier this month, my mom and I went to a the Shop & Sip Trunk Show for  Oh, Dandelion.  Y’all, if you have not paid this online shop a visit then you are truly missing out.  If you’re looking for one-of-a-kind gifts for yourself (or someone else!) you will want to be sure to head on over to Oh, Dandelion.

Everything on this website has been meticulously hand-picked by the owner herself.  She has traveled all over Texas, around the country, and even as far as France to bring beautiful items locally to Austin, TX.  Luckily, for those of you who are not local, Oh, Dandelion ships!  You should also know that the packaging on all items is almost too perfect to take off.  Almost.

I know many of you are probably planning on setting your alarms to wake up in the wee hours of the morning to hit the Black Friday sales.  Might I suggest curling up on your couch with a cozy throw blanket and a cup of coffee to shop for holiday gifts at Oh, Dandelion instead?

I was SO, SO excited about attending the trunk show with my mom because I’ve have had my eye on some treasures for a while.  I wanted to share the things my mom and I purchased along with some holiday favorites from the incredibly talented and wonderful shop owner herself, Layne Meyers.

Each photo below is linked to where you can purchase it on the website (available items only).

My Picks

As you may know, I am a lover of all things coffee.  This adorable print is perfect for hanging on the wall in your kitchen (for coffee recipe references too, of course) or in a frame next to your coffee battle station.  Some of you may not think of the area where you keep your coffee as a battle station, but I sure do.


Barista’s Board Print – Sold Out

My boyfriend has been in the market for some coasters, but hasn’t found any he loves.  I saw these beautiful, sturdy slate coasters and knew they would be perfect for him.  So perfect that I, in fact, gave them to him a couple hours later. As an early holiday present.  In mid-November.  I figured he should be able to enjoy them now and that they shouldn’t have to wait for him under a tree or in a stocking.


Slate Coasters – Available!

This mirror, y’all.  I have wanted this vintage mirror since the moment I laid eyes on it.  It is truly a one-of-a-kind piece.  When I saw it at the trunk show, I scooped it up before anyone else could.  I don’t have a place for it yet, but you better bet I will find one!


Parfums Mirror – Sold Out

Do you ever find yourself on Pinterest wondering how you can become the perfect hostess with the perfect dip dish?  Well, here it is!  This dip dish is a great way for you to showcase all of your delicious Pinterest dip creations.  My mom ended up purchasing it for me as a gift which makes it extra special!


Three Dip Dish – Available!

My Mom’s Picks

When we walked into the trunk show, we were greeted with the beautiful scent of pine trees.  Just imagine the smell of a pine tree, but the most delicious pine tree your nose has ever laid smell on you have ever smelled.  This scent is everything a holiday home fragrance should be.  If you want your home to smell like a piney, wintery wonderland, then do yourself a favor buy these!  This scent is available in both a room spray and candle.


Thymes Frasier Fir Home Fragrance Mist – Available!


Thymes Frasier Fir Candle – Available!

Not only is this the most precious plate, but it also made me smile when my mom bought it.  It brought back memories of what my mom would do every Christmas Eve when I was a youngster.  She used to set out a plate of cookies for Santa and some dry oatmeal in a little dish for the reindeer.  We would wake up Christmas morning to an empty plate of cookies and oatmeal scattered all around the living room floor.  She would be so mad about the terrible mess those gosh darn reindeer made!


Cookies for Santa Plate – Available!

Layne’s Picks

Layne was kind enough to send me some of her favorite holiday picks that are currently available in the shop.  Any and all of these beautiful items would make a perfect holiday gift!

The Perfect Gift

This elegant necklace is stunning with beautiful, vibrant colors.  Fair warning: you may want to snatch this up before I do!  Also, can we just take a minute to admire the necklace mannequin?  It’s pretty awesome.  Is it for sale?


Turquoise, Coral and Gold Scarab Pendant Necklace – Available!

I happen to think that infinity scarves are the absolute most convenient way to wear a scarf.  Loop it once… loop it twice… and you’re ready to go!  It makes it much easier than having to learn how to tie Boy Scout knots just to wear your scarf.  These are so soft and cozy and come in six beautiful colors.


Ruffled Infinity Scarf – Available!

I adore these handmade leather flasks.  Especially the one with the quote from Ernest Hemmingway.  The flasks featured below are 6 oz. each.  There are also different designs available in 8 oz!  A perfect stocking stuffer!


Leather Flask – Available!

This ornament is just one of many gorgeous, unique ornaments available in the shop.  A sweet holiday treat for yourself, a friend, or even for an ornament exchange.  I will say, the lucky person who receives one of these at an ornament exchange will be the envy of everyone.


Round Mercury Glass Ornament – Available!

The Perfect Kitchen

I had my eye on these printed mugs at the trunk show.  So.  Many.  Cute.  Options.  Five cute options, in fact.  There is one that says, “But First, Coffee”.  My motto in life.  Great for sipping some hot cocoa by the fire.  Or tea.  Or coffee.  Wait, definitely coffee.


Printed Coffee Cups – Available!

If I happened to drink champagne more than once or twice a year, I would absolutely HAVE to have these vintage champagne coupes.  Just picture yourself sipping a crisp champagne cocktail out of these on a sunny Sunday morning.  Perfection.


Green Garden Champagne Coupes – Available!

I love these beautiful dish towels for any time of year.  The holidays are such a special time to gather with the ones we love.  Especially if the gathering is over coffee!


Gather Dish Towel – Available!

Now that you’re inspired to start your holiday shopping, be sure to check out Oh, Dandelion!  You can also follow the shop on Instagram @ohdandelionshop and on Facebook!

Thanks for stopping by!  See y’all next time…


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