My First Stitch Fix

A few weeks ago, I was having a conversation with my dear friend Emily about blog post ideas.  She suggested I write about a Stitch Fix.  Stitch Fix?  What is that?  Emily is much better about keeping up with things than I, so I needed to do some research.

I found their website and started to dig through to see what they were all about.  For those of you who are just as clueless as I was, Stitch Fix is an online personal styling service.  And by personal stylist, I do not mean that the ghost of pre-fame Kim Kardashian will show up at your door to take you on a field trip to Rodeo Drive.  If you are a busy gal who doesn’t have time to comb the stores (or if you’re just lazy like me), then this is a great way to add some stylish, current items to your arsenal.

After you create an account, you fill out a Style Profile.  They ask every question under the sun to get a feel of what you like to wear and what your shape is.  What is your height?  How do you like your clothes to fit?  What kind of occasion(s) would you like to receive these items for?  Are you frugal or do you spend like post-fame Kim Kardashian?  Do you like this collage of beautiful, Pinterest-y outfit combos, or no?  Do you want your cleavage out for the world to see?  How do you feel about your butt?

Of course, they have a much more eloquent way of phrasing these questions.  You have the option of receiving a shipment whenever you feel like receiving one or on a systematic basis.  While receiving a shipment every month sounded like a super fun idea, it is not a financial commitment I was prepared to make.

Signing up for a shipment costs $20.  This includes your shipping for both receiving the shipment and returning the items you do not want to keep.  It also becomes a credit towards the items you do decide to keep.  You have three business days to decide on the winners and then send the rest back in the prepaid envelope.  If you keep all five items, then you receive a 25% discount on your purchase in addition to the $20 styling fee credit.

While you wait for your shipment, you can contact your stylist to let them know what you’re looking for, what your style preferences are, or with a special request.  You can also provide a link to a Pinterest board so you can let them get a feel for your style.

I signed up mid-October and saw that my items would be arriving on the 19th.  Then I noticed that they meant November 19th.  I had been frantically patiently waiting ever since.  I came home on my lunch break on the scheduled day to see my box peeking out from under the table on my porch.  I screamed to my boyfriend that Chanukah came early and quickly got off the phone.

You have no idea how difficult it was for me to wait while taking these initial photos.


I tore open the box like a six year old opening her Barbie Dream House.  The packaging was way too cute to just tear apart without sharing (which I promptly did afterward).


The first item I pulled out made me giggle a bit because it was the same print and fabric as the Plaid Blanket Scarf I mentioned in my Fab Friday Fashion Finds post.  I could not justify having two of the same scarf even though they are cut differently.  However, it is soft and adorable and everything an infinity scarf should be.



The next item I yanked out was a cozy tribal print drape-front sweater.  I was sure that I wanted to keep this one, but unfortunately it was too big.  I contacted Stitch Fix to see if they could exchange it for a smaller size, but they do not have one.  *insert very sad, whiny emoji here*  I could have gotten away with having a giant, cozy sweater, but I feel that it make my profile look… long.  I probably would only be able to wear this on the weekends, so I couldn’t justify paying the $68 for it.




Next was a GORGEOUS navy blue and hot pink blouse which could be appropriate for both work or night out.  It was a little snug up top, but it was not enough to make a difference on the outside.  The colors are just beautiful and I knew this one would be a keeper.  I am not used to paying over about $40 for a top (remember, I am fashionably challenged and cheap), so this was an investment for me.  The quality is terrific and I can’t wait to wear it!




The reason I spent the maximum allowable time to decide on whether I was going to keep the entire contents of this box was because of this dress.  Y’all this dress is so cute and fits me like a glove.  The reason I didn’t keep it is because I don’t like anything that feels like it’s clinging to my stomach.  I don’t like feeling the need to suck in 24/7.  Also, the pattern brings a lot of attention up top, so I wanted to stray away from that.  If I had kept this dress and the two tops, then I would just have to spend $8 more dollars to keep the cardigan and scarf (with the 25% discount for buying everything).  It was an extremely tough decision for me, but I decided to send this one back.




This striped sweater was my absolute FAVORITE.  I never would have thought that a sweater could be so flattering, but this one is.  It is so soft!  It is a little too low cut to wear to work without wearing a cami or a bandeau underneath, but it is a keeper.  I took these photos before going out for date night and this is what I wore.  I took these photos before we left and walked right out the door with this one.



Just a side note: my boyfriend asked from the other room if I was in there doing “modeling things” like growling at the camera.  I decided to do one just to make him laugh, and it ended up being the winner of the bunch.  Posing for a self-timer is awkward enough as it is.  Better make it fun somehow!


I am not sure what kind of feedback I can give my stylist for future fixes because I loved it all!  For someone who didn’t give much information about what I was looking for, I was extremely impressed with what my stylist chose for me.  I think the first fix was definitely a good way for my stylist to get a better idea of my measurements, what fits me, and how I like things to fit.  I already scheduled another fix for January.  I feel an addiction coming on…

If you are interested in receiving your own Stitch Fix, then PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE use my referral link!

Thanks for stopping by!  See y’all next time…


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