Stitch Fix #2

Does anyone out there feel like they still have not recovered from the holidays? Well, me either.  Confession time: I snoozed four times this morning.  Even Lollie was impressed.

Even though I had initially scheduled my second Stitch Fix to arrive on the 3rd, I saw that it shipped early and that it would be arriving on New Year’s Eve!  I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I get about these dang packages.  You have no idea what they are sending you or what to expect, so the element of surprise definitely makes it very exciting.

I know what time FedEx typically delivers to my apartment, so I obsessively checked the tracking on my Fix to see if it had been delivered.  I sped home and found my little surprise at the door!  I was now even more confused as to what to expect because this box was significantly smaller than the last one.

I ripped open opened the box to see what treasures awaited me.  I pulled each item out one by one and loved how they looked.  The style was spot on for what I requested and I noticed that my stylist definitely took some of the last fix’s feedback into account.  However, my excitement quickly faded as I took a good look at the cut and the material of the items.  I knew they wouldn’t be a good fit.  Without getting into too much detail, I will just say that this box was the “bad boob box”.

Out of the five items, I did end up keeping one of them. It is ADORABLE and I couldn’t pass it up!

Before we get started on what I received in this fix, I just wanted to make a little PSA.  If you are interested in receiving your own Stitch Fix, then PLEASE PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE use my referral link!

I also want to preface this post with this: there is nothing more uncomfortable for me than trying to smile and pose in front of a 10 second self-timer on a camera I placed on top of a box full of baby gifts that is on top of a box full of towels that is on top of a barstool.  Complete with lighting I created from removing the lampshade off of an $8 Walmart floor lamp that I placed behind my makeshift tripod.  It is easier for me to make silly faces.  So I made silly faces.


Bay to Baubles Necklace – $34

The first item I picked out was this pretty gold necklace.  This versatile necklace would be the perfect finish to, well, just about anything.  I didn’t keep it for a couple of reasons:

1. I am cheap and don’t typically spend more than $20 on a necklace.

2. The tassel lays on my chest in an unflattering way.  I don’t typically wear dangly necklaces since they lay out on me, not down.

I have decided that going forward, I would like to keep the items in my Fixes to just clothing.  My initial purpose for utilizing this service was to gain pieces of clothing I otherwise wouldn’t find or choose, so I would like to stick to just that.


Randall Scoop Neck Polka Dot Tank – $48

HOW CUTE IS THIS TOP?  I fell in love with it the second I pulled it out of the box.  It would look great for both under a blazer at work or over some jeans on the weekend.  It is also patriotic, so I think I already found my 4th of July outfit (even though the year has just barely begun).  I am also wearing the necklace from above.  Trying it on with this top almost made me keep it.


Lamont Tile Print Blouse – $44

This top seems like it would be cute, no?  Well it is… just not on me.  It gave me a little something I like to call “square boob”.  It’s nice, light, and would be perfect for work, but it was just the wrong fit for me.


Margarey Double Zip Pocket Open Drape Blazer – $48

I actually really loved this blazer!  But again, just not on me.  I loved the double zipper detail and the fact that it is an open drape style.  Wearing a blazer that buttons always has me paranoid that I’m wearing it incorrectly.  Do I wear it buttoned?  Unbuttoned?  I don’t know.  I don’t like to button my blazers, so this one didn’t leave me wondering.  On me, this blazer had two styles:

1. The “way too open, exposing things that aren’t professional” style.


2. The weird shark fin side flap.

I was sad to send it back.


Deva Cap Sleeve Mini Peplum Dress – $58

Lastly, we have the blue peplum dress.  This is the piece where I could tell that my stylist listened to my feedback from the last fix.  I told her that I don’t like dresses that cling to my stomach.  This dress represents exactly what I asked for.  It is cute enough for work and the weekend, as well as being SUPER comfy.  However, it fit me like a mumu.

I gave my stylist some feedback and suggested a couple items for my next Fix.  In my feedback for this Fix, I let them know that I did not find this particular Fix to be “delightful”.  My first Fix was so wonderful that it also may have been hard to follow it up.  Just because I was not in love with this Fix doesn’t mean I won’t do it again.  In fact, I have another one scheduled for the 17th!  I know that’s super soon but what can I say… I may be addicted!  I still completely feel that this service is such a fun idea and a great way to shop outside of your box.  If you haven’t already scheduled your fix, then I strongly suggest doing so.  You never know what you might fall in love with!

Thanks for stopping by!  See y’all next time…


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