Fab Friday Fashion Finds

I am by no means a fashionista. I pretty much recycle the same four outfits from Monday through Thursday. I try to switch up my look on Fridays because jeans are easier to work with. There are some days where I leave the house thinking that my hair will look good enough if I just avoid mirrors for the rest of the day. I like to buy cute outfits for the weekend but end up just traipsing around in yoga pants. I am not the person one would go to for fashion advice.

I would just like to preface this post with this: a fashion blogger, I am not. Nor will I pretend to be. I am, however, a gal on a budget and THAT I can speak to.

I have a tendency to find things I can’t afford, drool over them, then proceed to wallow in my sadness. In order to keep the drooling and wallowing at bay, I try to find similar things to complete the designer look without paying the designer price.

Without further adieu, I present *cue applause and game show host voice* BUY THIS, NOT THAT!


Who doesn’t love a cozy scarf that is large enough to basically double as a blanket? I bought this scarf from Heart and Home Collection and it finally arrived yesterday! It is soft, warm, and everything I had hoped for once the cold weather returns. I could never bring myself to pay $150 for this Ralph Lauren scarf, so I was elated to find a similar one at an affordable price.  There is a bit of a wait for this scarf, but it is well worth it!



I have yet to purchase a pair of dressy, black ankle boots. After falling in love with these Michael Kors beauties, I thought I would check Target just in case they had something comparable.  I found these on the Target website and had an “ABUHHH” moment while I gawked at the similarities. I love you, Target. You never let me down.  Even though the Michael Kors version is on sale (down from $195), the Target booties are a more affordable option.


I long for the day when I can allow myself to buy something from David Yurman.  I told my boyfriend that if he ever feels like buying me a $700 present, I can tell him which one it is.  He currently has no interest in having me point it out to him.  I love simple, elegant studs that can go with any outfit.  I found these on the David Yurman website and felt the drooling coming on.  Luckily, I headed over to the Francesca’s website before the wallowing set in.  At a $1,836 discount, I feel like these earrings are a fair compromise.


Personally, I try not to buy expensive handbags.  I am terrible about keeping them clean and taking good care of them.  I let them fill up with mysterious items to the point where it becomes my very own Mary Poppins experience.  It’s always a mystery, I tell you.  I love this Kate Spade Bag, but cannot be trusted to keep it in good shape.  H&M has a very similar and affordable option.  With this bag, I wouldn’t feel so bad letting it fill up with things such as random Chihuahua sweaters and leftover Halloween candy.

I will try to keep an eye out for things I can’t afford (which shouldn’t be hard) so I can post more steals!

Thanks for stopping by!  See y’all next time…


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