Before & After – Condo Renovation

Yesterday, the last official step in the condo renovation was completed, CLEANING!  I showed up last night to a lovely, clean home.  Over the past week or so, I had slowly been moving things from my apartment into the garage.  I was so overwhelmed by the excitement of finally unpacking, that I didn’t take a moment to realize what this means.  All of the stress, hair pulling, decision making, and wondering how it would turn out was done.  Our 8 month long project was finally finished.  And I have to say, for two people who know nothing about house flipping, my dad and I did a pretty spectacular job.

This past Saturday, as we were sipping coffee in the new kitchen and watching the carpet installation, my dad mentioned that he may want to do this again.  It seems as if seeing the finished product can make you forget about all you went through to get there.  It also seems as if he might just be crazy 🙂  But with the help of HGTV, Pinterest, and the WONDERFUL night crew of the Home Depot at Howard Lane & 35, it can be done!

I wanted to take some “After” photos before I started unloading my boxes of tchotchkes into the drawers and onto the walls.  All of the “Before” pictures were quickly taken on my iPhone during my first walkthrough.  They are no means professional works of art and have the occasional dad and/or brother in them.  I decided to take the “After” photos in the style the “Before” photos were taken.  Same angles, with my iPhone, and possibly blurry.  The main difference is that the “After” photos are minus one dad and plus one Chihuahua in a sweater.

I now present… *drumroll please* by Before & After photos!


Dining Room: Replaced light fixture with a recessed light


Living Room: Added a mantel to the fireplace


It’s amazing what a good coat of paint and a new doorknob can do!


Powder Room: Removed the vanity and mirror and replaced with a pedestal sink


Powder Room: Removed the wallpaper


Stairway: Replaced the carpet, added blinds, and re-stained the banisters


Stairway: Replaced the carpet and added blinds


Second Upstairs Bathroom: Replaced the vanity and mirror; Added blinds


Upstairs Guest Bedroom: Replaced the carpet and ceiling fan; Added blinds


Master Bedroom: Replaced carpet and ceiling fan


Master Bedroom: Subtracted one dad and added one Chihuahua in a sweater


Master Bath: Replaced vanity, mirror, light fixture, and floor

Also, I went from brunette to blonde during this process.  I apparently remodeled my hair as well.


Replaced all bathroom light fixtures with the same fixture


Dining Room (from the Kitchen): Added vertical blinds to the patio door

And finally, my dream kitchen:


Replaced, well, just about everything: Removed the light fixture and added recessed lighting


Replaced cabinets and countertops; Added a built-in microwave


Replaced the double sink with a single


Removed wallpaper and replaced with a mosaic tile backsplash

After taking these photos, I promptly starting unpacking and doing handy woman things (sort of).  Even though I feel like I accomplished a lot on my first kind-of moving in day, I have many nights of packing, unpacking and handy woman things ahead of me.  Speaking of which, I should probably get back to packing!

Thanks for stopping by!  See y’all next time…



3 thoughts on “Before & After – Condo Renovation

  1. I love the final results! It is beautiful, very tasteful and looks like it will make a wonderful place to live. Have fun with your move in!


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