Stitch Fix #3

Hello everyone!  I hope those of you who had yesterday off had a nice, long weekend!  In between moving and shopping, I was able to get out with my dog to Zilker Park to soak up a little sunshine.  Everyone and their dog (literally) was enjoying the nice weather.  I have to remind myself that one of the main reasons people move to this city is to do “outdoorsy” things.  When the weather is nice, you better bet that the traffic is piled up and the parks are full!


67 and not a cloud in the sky!

I received my 3rd Fix this past Friday and was anxious to see if the feedback from my “bad boob box” was taken into account.  I had also made a couple of specific requests for this Fix.  I wanted to see a flattering tunic and a work-appropriate dress for the office.

Like clockwork, the Fix had arrived before I came home for my lunch break!  The hardest part about opening my Fixes on my lunch break is that I don’t get to sit and spend quality bonding time with the items.  On the other hand, first impressions are important and there’s little time to think on each item.  This is probably a good thing because 9 times out of 10, I end up sticking to my initial impression.

I will just take a moment for my little PSA: If you are interested in receiving your own Stitch Fix, then PLEASE PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE use my referral link!


Northridge Cowl Neck Jersey Top – $68

I was relieved to see that the first item I pulled out of the box was the flattering tunic I requested!  Y’all, this thing is SOFT.  You can dress it up or down with leggings or jeans.  The boyfriend gives it two thumbs up!  I have been dying to wear it, but I needed to take my awkward photos first and didn’t have time to do it over the weekend.  I asked for this type of item specifically and my stylist definitely delivered.


Fallon Mixed Print Sleeveless Blouse – $58

The excitement from the first item sadly went away when I pulled the second item from the box.  A silky shirt.  Without stretch.  WITH buttons on the bust.  I felt like perhaps my stylist didn’t take my feedback into account after all.  The top was beautiful, but there was no way this was ever going to work on me.  The pattern just started too low.  Everything about this pattern was too low on me.  I was disappointed that my “bad boob box” concerns went unaddressed.  I wore this top long enough to take a pouty Snapchat and tossed it back into the box.


Spencer Striped Jersey Dress – $58

The next item was a purple and teal sundress.  While I love a good stretchy sundress, this was not the work-appropriate style I had requested.  It also a bit loud and drew too much attention up top.  For sundress/weekend purposes, it fit me like a glove.  But alas, it went back into the box.


Goliath Split Neck Knit Top – $38

I saw something cute and stripedy peeking out from under the tissue paper and got excited.  Stripes?  Stretch?  Do we have a winner on our hands?  Until I saw the front.  This top…… was just not my style.  I didn’t like the contrasting design/fabric on the front.  My boyfriend actually loved this top.  It just was not for me.  The “below the boob line” was also in an inconvenient location and made the fit very unflattering on me.  This one was also tossed back into the box.


Penny Draped Colorblock Cardigan – $68

The last item was this awesome color block cardigan.  I felt like all I needed was a floppy brimmed hat and I would be all set for a Fall Pinterest board.  If I had received this cardigan in November, I would have kept it in a heartbeat.  I would only be able to wear this on the weekends, so I wasn’t sure I wanted to shell out the money for it.  If we’re being honest, I pretty much just wear yoga pants and oversized things on the weekends anyway (even if I tell myself I will wear something cute).  The main reason I didn’t keep it is because winter lasts for about two seconds here in Texas and warmer temps will be here to stay any day now.

I let Stitch Fix know my concerns about the last couple of Fixes and requested my first stylist style me for my next Fix.  She really hit my first Fix out the park without any feedback to go off of.  She gets me.  Even though I was not thrilled with this Fix, I love this service and have another one scheduled for February 13th.  I even requested something to wear out on Valentine’s Day 🙂

I hope everyone has a great rest of the week!  Thanks for stopping by!  See y’all next time…



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