Stitch Fix #4

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!  Whether you stayed in or went out with a special someone or friends, I hope it was a day of chocolate and relaxation!  I spent a romantic Valentine’s Day afternoon taking Lollie to the vet for her shots.  After the appointment, my boyfriend surprised me with some gorgeous flowers, some chocolate, and a sweet card.


We had an amazing dinner with way too much food at Brio.  I basically had to roll myself out of there, but we had a nice time together eating everything on the menu.  We came home to a very pitiful and sore Lollie, so we decided to stay in to snuggle with her.


Anyhoo, I came home from work last week to meet the locksmith and saw my Stitch Fix box hiding in the bushes.  I had completely forgot that it was arriving that afternoon!  I ran inside with it, let Lollie destroy my legs from excitement, and prayed that the locksmith would be caught in horrific Austin rush hour traffic so I would have time to bond with my Fix.  Ok, I don’t wish horrific Austin traffic on anyone, but I was hoping he would be late. It came in the larger-sized box that my first Fix came in, so I had high hopes.  I had mentioned in my last Stitch Fix review that I had not been pleased with the last couple of boxes and that this Fix would be their final shot.  I felt like my stylists had not been listening to my requests, nor had they been reading the feedback I left on the previous fixes.  I have not had the same stylist each time, so I am not sure if they have access to my feedback from previous Fixes.  I opened the box and was pleasantly surprised!

PSA: As always, if you are interested in receiving your very own box of fancy treasures, please use my Stitch Fix referral link to sign up!


Daniel Rainn Aveda Sheer Cinched Waist Blouse – $68

The first item I pulled out was this black top.  Tops that have a partially built-in tank tops will confuse me forever and always.  I spent about 5 minutes untangling the mess I made when I tried to put it on.  Once I finally got my arms through the right holes and had it situated… I fell in love.  The cinched waist??  THE DRAPED-ISH BACK?? Love.  This is exactly everything I have ever wanted in a weekend “going out” top.  I had requested something to wear for Valentine’s Day dinner, so I am assuming this was it.  Even if it’s not… that’ll do, pig.  I wore this baby out on the town with a festive pink necklace, some skinny jeans, some heels and we painted the town red!  Like, for Valentine’s Day… Get it?  No?  Nevermind.


PIXLEY Petal Print Blouse – $58

The second item I pulled out was this super cute navy printed top.  The first thought that went through my head was, “NOOOO NON-STRETCHY MATERIAL!!!!”  I put it on and it was much stretchier than I originally thought.  However, it was a little snug but I decided to keep it anyway because it is Spring-y and adorable.  This one was my boyfriend’s favorite of the bunch.

The third item I pulled out was a dark green and black professional-ish bodycon dress.  For skinny people, this is the dress dreams are made of.  For me, this is the exact opposite of what I have told Stitch Fix I want in a dress.  It was way too small and totally unflattering.  So much so that I did not want to subject you or myself to posting a photo of me in it.  Trust me.  You’re welcome.  This item was a disappointment to an otherwise perfect Fix.


BRIXON IVY Lawley Cable Knit Open Cardigan – $68

The next item was a beautiful white cardigan.  I L-O-V-E-D this.  It is cozy and soft and has a truly unique pattern.  I love how the front is kind of like a reverse drape situation that somehow made large pockets.  That probably does not make sense, but all you need to know is that this cardigan gets two thumbs up.  I decided to keep it even though it will soon be 1,000 degrees here.  This will not be out of style by the time the temperatures fall again, so I will just call it an “investment for the future”.


41Hawthorn Noah Textured Dress – $68

The last item I pulled out was a dream.  This is exactly the kind of dress I prefer to wear to work.  I typically pair these dresses with a cardigan and some flats.  And it has pockets!  Pockets are important because, ya know, badges.  There’s nothing worse than wearing something without pockets or belt loops and getting stuck outside of your office after returning from the bathroom because you had nowhere to fasten your badge.  NOTHING. #embarrassing

This is the first time I decided to keep all five items.  I have been looking forward to this day since I began using this service.  The only downfall is that I did not keep all five because I liked all five.  I kept that horrific bodycon dress so I could get the 25% off discount for keeping all five.  Keeping everything and receiving the discount was cheaper than sending the dress back and keeping the four that I liked.  After the way I felt after the last two Fixes, I have to say that an 80% success rate is pretty awesome!  So I will take it!  And yes, I have another one on its way next month!

Thanks for stopping by!  See y’all next time…


8 thoughts on “Stitch Fix #4

      • I have to build up my confidence to take the pics. I know crazy, but that’s all I’m trying to get past. I will put some up eventually. My second fix is on its way so I’m like going to have to get over the fear of how my picture will look.. Lol


      • I struggle with it every time. Sometimes I wonder why I have committed to myself that I will take photos! But it’s such a fun service. I feel like no matter how I feel about how I look in those photos, seeing the clothes on an actual person may encourage others to try the service as well! Once you’re comfortable with it, I would love to see!

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