Coming Back Down to Earth

Hello everyone!  I realized that my hiatus from blogging lasted a little longer than I anticipated.  It has been a whirlwind few weeks!  As if I haven’t blogged your ears off about my move, well, I moved!  I can’t even begin to tell you how thrilled I am to finally be in my new home.  Of course, no move goes off without a hitch!

Between having an all-out battle with my cable company and my box spring not being able to go up the stairs, everything that seemed like it would be the end of the world is finally starting to fix itself.  After 8 customer service reps, 6 hours of my time, a lot bit of crying, I have cable and internet!  I also had to track down a pair of split queen box springs.  One may ask… They make those?? Why yes, they do!  And after waiting for them to come in and finding out that the manufacturer sent the wrong ones, I should be able to comfortably sleep in my bed by this weekend without constantly being concerned about breaking it.

Moving into a new home comes with a new set of tasks that include an assortment of relationship building exercises.  These exercises include things like installing a Nest thermostat, finding temporary slats for a bed on a Saturday night, and building an IKEA desk.  Which, by the way, I would absolutely do again.  I was fascinated with how everything fit together and how easy it was to assemble.  I also feel that all relationship boot camps should have an IKEA furniture building challenge.  This can make or break a relationship.  Fortunately, we ended up having a ton of fun building it together.

Moving into an actual home also comes with responsibilities you do not have in an apartment.  You will now have the responsibility of doing grown up things on your Sundays, like going to Home Depot to buy a hose and a grill.  You will then spend the rest of your afternoon hosing down patio furniture while your boyfriend sips on a Corona and builds said grill.  You now are responsible for making sure your escape artist chihuahua can’t get through the holes in the fence, so you put teeny tiny tacky fake fencing into the grass.

Basically, our weekend looked a lot like this:

Last week, I had the wonderful opportunity to go to Florida for a work conference.  This was my second year going to this conference, so I shouldn’t be shocked by the amount of food that they provide anymore.  The schedule went a lot like this:

Wake up


First meeting

Still full from Breakfast

Second meeting

Snack time!

Third meeting


Fourth meeting

What?!  No snack??

Fifth meeting


Sixth meeting

Open bar!


More food and open bar!!

By the second day, you swear you will never eat another carb in your life.  But then you see the Strawberry Shortcake bar calling your name…  And coffee.  Lots of delicious coffee.

I had some time to burn before my flight on Friday, but not enough time to go to Disney World.  I researched things to do and came across a Titanic Museum.  I have been slightly obsessed with the Titanic for most of my life.  I once scrounged up $15 from my piggy bank to buy a National Geographic Titanic documentary from my school book fair.  I saw Titanic in theaters 8 times.  I bought the movie on VHS the day it came out and watched it twice that night… on a school night.  I watch it every time it is on TV.  Now I may watch it on Netflix tonight…

I really loved the Titanic Museum in Branson, MO.  Not only because the building is shaped like a giant ship hitting an iceberg, but because it has a lot of neat artifacts and was generally awesome.  To get to the one in Orlando, I decided to try out Uber for the first time.  I was disappointed to see that the museum was in a small strip center in between an Indian restaurant and a CSI: The Experience Museum and across the street from a Chinese Buffet.  I got there and started the tour by myself.  A young man named Julio took a photo of me on the Grand Staircase and then kissed my hand. Once I got to the parts that are supposed to replicate the deck on that fateful night and the room where the Captain drowned, I was totally spooked out.  I hurriedly escaped to the next room to find that I interrupted a very large guided tour that apparently began before I got there.  All 50 or so of them looked at me like I was insane.  We all looked on the list of passenger names to see if the passenger we were assigned survived.  Thankfully, I survived.  The last part of the exhibit was a giant ice cube.  I still had the heebie jeebies from the spooky deck rooms, so I jumped and screamed when Julio flew through the door I was standing next to.  I called my Uber driver, who is named Gilbert and is practically my second dad now, to come pick me up and take me to the airport.

Even though it was a great trip, I was happy to be home with my boyfriend, Lollie, and some Chinese food.  Little by little, day by day, I am settling into my new home and trying to catch up on sleep (and blogging)!  I have some beauty product posts planned and a Birchbox and Stitch Fix on their way this week, so stay tuned!

Thanks for stopping by!  See y’all next time…


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