Two Year Anniversary


Time really does fly.  I cannot believe that two years ago today, my boyfriend and I began dating.  We had met through a friend back in 2008,  but we were able to develop a close friendship once I moved back home from Arkansas.  After August 2, 2013, the rest is history.

Just in the past four months, we have moved in together and added another dogchild to our little family.

Every day in our life together just keeps getting better.  Everything is just so… easy.

I cannot express how lucky I am to have this wonderfully supportive and loving man in my life.  A man who makes me feel beautiful.  A man who supports and helps me through my every move.  A man who is just as obsessed with my dogchildren as I am.

A man who unashamedly loves Taco Bell as much as I do (which is hard to find, let me tell you).

We have been able to build a loving home together and have developed our own traditions.  We have been fortunate to grow in our love and in our relationship.  We have become apart of each others’ loving families.

I look forward to every weekend because it means I get to spend all the time in the world with him.

I have fallen in love with my friend.  I would be the luckiest girl on the planet to spend the next 100 years with him.

Happy Anniversary, Babe ❤

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