Devastating Makeup News

I sat down with a nice, hot cup of coffee to work on creating a Favorites page on the blog to showcase my go-to beauty products.  First up on base was foundation.  I jumped on Sephora’s website to grab the link to my beloved Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foudation and… AND…




You may be asking yourself, have they upgraded to a better formula?

giphyThey do have a new formula.  I read the reviews.  All signs point to garbage.

mileyWhat am I supposed to do now?  Get dressed up, put on a happy face, and drag myself to Sephora?

Am I to just keep an open mind and pretend to move on?

Laura Mercier, how could you do this to us?

I still have quite a bit left in my last bottle and vow to use it sparingly.

When that fateful day comes, I suppose I will just have to hop around at Sephora to find a replacement.

Because, you know, my face can’t be foundationless forever.

But, my Dear Silk Creme Foundation, you will always hold a special place in my heart.



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