2016 Thoughts

HELLO ALL!  Happy new year!  So.  I am completely aware that I have been the worst blogger when it comes to blogging in the history of blogs.  With my new job, an extra long commute, the holidays, and wedding stuff… I haven’t had the extra time for blog stuffs.  I love love LOVE writing on this blog and I am so happy to be writing something new.

It’s 2016.  Wow. 2015 was the best year of my life.  2016 is going to be even better because I’M GETTING MARRIED THIS YEAR! *insert happy dance here*  I also turn 30 this year.  Dirty Thirty.  The Big 3-OH.  I still have until Earth Day, so I can enjoy the last few months of being a twenty-something.  Whatever that means.

Last year around this time, and probably a few days sooner because I was less of the big, fat procrastinator I am now, I wrote some thoughts on what 2015 had in store.  Let’s see how all these things shaped up, shall we?

I moved into my new home in February and have loved living here.  The fiance moved into this house in April and I have truly enjoyed building our home and our life together.  Whenever you tell someone that you’re moving in with your significant other, they always say things about how difficult of an adjustment it can be.  Sure, you learn new things about a person.  You probably find out things you don’t want to know.  You reach a new level of comfort with a person.  For me, it was just about the easiest thing I have ever done.  This home would not be my home if it was not our home.  Just us and our two pups.  Every day with our little family is a joy.

We welcomed our furriest addition to our home in April as well.  My, what a learning experience it has been.  A Golden Retriever is SO MUCH more work than a chihuahua.  Lollie is basically a cat, so any dog would be more work to me.  But Zita… what a fun friend she is.  She is our gigantic toddler.  Our hairy mess.  Our dino.  Our giant snuggle bug.  Our Falcor.  And most importantly, Lollie’s big/little sister.  These girls really love each other.  We thank our lucky stars every day that they don’t want to rip each others’ heads off. 

As for the part about being healthier?  Well, that kind of went by the wayside once my Fitbit stopped holding charge.  I think I may have showered with it on one too many times.  But who wants to lose those valuable shower steps?  Not this girl.

I made the decision to jump start my new years resolution to be healthier about three weeks early.  I am the crazy person who started going to Weight Watchers meetings again before Christmas.  I had the guts to say no to tubs of cookies and chocolates in the office.  I counted my points on both Christmas and New Years.  I was down over 8 pounds in the last three weeks of the year.  It was EXTREMELY challenging after eating just about anything I wanted to for so long, but it was so wonderful to see it all pay off.

I am no stranger to Weight Watchers.  An old veteran, if you will.  I first joined in the summer of 2005, after my freshman year of college.  I lost 70 pounds over the next 2 1/2 years.  Did you know that when you lose weight, it doesn’t automatically stay off?  Apparently I didn’t.  Between grad school and starting my career sitting down all day, I gained it all back.  Every last pound. And then some.

I have tried rejoining Weight Watchers in the past but none of the plans they changed the program to would work for me like the first plan did.  They introduced a new program (shout out to my girl, Oprah) and it is really working for me so far.  They also focused on improving their technology and the ability to communicate with other members, which was extremely valuable to me during the holidays.  Now it’s time to watch the ole pounds fly right off my body.  I wish.

I now have a goal that I can really focus on: to look and feel beautiful in my wedding dress.

I haven’t quite figured out my exercise schedule yet.  I get up at 5am, so I don’t exactly want to go before work.  I could go on my lunch break because my gym is nearby, but the two lights it takes to get there will take me 20 minutes of frustration alone.  Hey, road rage is cardio, right?  There is a gym in my office building, but there is also a woman who goes at the same time to use the only working elliptical.  I feel awkward encroaching on her schedule so I haven’t gone back.  I feel even weirder using the clanky broken elliptical.  I could go after work, but after driving across town to get home just in time to see the last bit of the sun (and my soul) go down, I just kind of want to sit around.

I could sit here and name every excuse in the world, but that won’t get me into a wedding dress!  I don’t have much time either.  I am going to start shopping for wedding dresses on March 12th!

Wedding stuff is at a bit of a standstill right now.  We’re still pretending like we have plenty of time to do things like finalize our guest list, book hotel blocks, and decide whether or not to wear my extensions in our engagement photos.  Ok, maybe this last one is just my problem.  But everyone says this year will go by quickly, so we have to get on the ball!

I passed two licensing exams last year for my job and I’m about to start studying for two more.  I am hoping that I can keep my sanity through blogging.  I have a lot of really fun stuff I want to tell y’all about!  Like my new camera (for completely amateur and probably-kind-of blurry blog photos)!  And y’all… I got an airbrush foundation machine.  I am in love.  I resolve to keep this blog going.  I am making this promise to myself now.

Thanks for stopping by!  See y’all next time…


One thought on “2016 Thoughts

  1. This year is looking like a wonderful year for you and your fiance! You are inspiring to me to try to fit in healthy living in spite of lots of eating out and celebrating!


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