Green Chef Meal #3: Shitake Egg Rolls with Bok Choy, Peanut, and Mandarin Orange Salad

I put off making this meal because I was afraid I would fail spectacularly at making egg rolls.  It just does not seem easy!  After making the other two meals, I had no choice but to try my luck at this one.

First, as I did with the other recipes, I laid out all of the ingredients and admired the packaging.  So much fun!  In case you were wondering, no, that is not a bag of gummy bears.

  I sliced up the shitake mushrooms.  Holy Shitake jokes ensued.  Boyfriend informed me that I was being very “punny” that night.  Not sure if he was actually amused.

  I sautéed the shitakes in some olive oil until they turned delicious.

I then added the Holy Shitake Sauce (ok, I’ll stop now).

Fortunately, this recipe came with a package of pre-diced, pre-marinated egg roll filling.  This made my life so much easier since I do not own a mandolin slicer nor do I have the patience for slicing anything that small.  I did, however, need to chop up the cilantro to add to the mixture.

  I topped the mixture with the mushrooms, added a squeeze of lime, and mixed it together.

  Now for the hard part… which was not actually as difficult as I had imagined.  This is the process of filling and folding egg rolls.  I know you must be intrigued!

  While the egg rolls were sizzling away in the pan, I chopped the bok choy for the salad.

I tossed the salad with the peanut sauce and topped it with peanuts and mandarin oranges. I glopped the remaining peanut sauce on the plates to dip the egg rolls in.

image I was impressed with how easy they were to make and how delicious they were! They were also VERY filling. I couldn’t finish all of mine. I suppose that is what boyfriends are for!

Thanks for stopping by! See y’all next time…


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